Reset Your Internal GPS: Transform Overwhelm Into Centeredness

SunflowerDo you feel out of sorts or stressed out? Do you feel overwhelmed by life or unable to handle your emotions? Do you find it difficult to stay and handle challenging situations calmly and appropriately? You may be experiencing disorientation.

How do you know when you are feeling disoriented?

When you are disoriented, you tend to feel constricted and triggered. Your attention may be fragmented and scattered. You have lost your connection with your internal GPS, which guides you in a direction that nurtures you.

When you are oriented, you are focused and acting from your inner center of balance. You are able to move in a direction that is life enhancing, and that supports you in achieving what you want in your life. When you are oriented, you are in the flow. You are able to relax in stressful situations. Instead of feeling confused and upset, you feel centered and capable. You can think clearly and handle situations in your life more effectively.

How can I reset my inner compass so I can handle stressful situations with ease and confidence?

Let me show you a way to transform your disoriented state and quickly harmonize yourself whenever you wish. The process starts with recognizing that you are on a downward spiral, and that you are out of sorts. Once you have identified that you are disoriented, you have a choice. You can remain in your disoriented state or you can recognize that you have an opportunity to transform how you feel.

There is an effective method you can use in the moment to transform how you feel and act. You can feel better right away.

EASY™ Tapping is an emotional acupressure system I developed that enables you to release the emotional charge on present and past stresses and clear limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns holding you back in your life. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can change your life.

Can I try out EASY™ Tapping right now?

Yes. While you are paying attention to what is bothering you about your situation, lightly tap with your fingertips between you eyebrows about 7 times. Then lightly tap in the crease of your chin about 7 times. This is one set. Repeat these 2 steps until you feel better or for a total of 6 sets.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel the same or different?

Feel free to try this out the next time you feel out of sorts, or upset. Notice how you begin to have more confidence in yourself and your ability to create and achieve what is good for you and your life.

The process I have shared with you is a powerful first step you can use to take control of your life and how you feel. I have developed an easy to follow step-by-step process you can use to clear the deeper layers that are holding your problems in place.

What is EASY™- Emotional Acupressure Self-care for You™ Tapping?

Based on my knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupressure points, I have developed a one-point and two-point EASY™- Emotional Acupressure Self-care for You™ system that is easy to learn and do. EASY™ Tapping is based on EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. However, EASY™ Tapping has only one or two points to learn and you don’t need to come up with reminder phrases. It is so easy; you can implement EASY™ Tapping in the moment when you need it.

Have you tried EFT before and found it too complicated?

I developed an easier tapping method because I heard many of my students and clients told me that they learned EFT, but they don’t use it because there are too many points to remember, or because they can’t come up with reminder phrases, or that they just find it too hard to focus on their issue and remember what points to tap at the same time.

How does EASY™ Tapping work?

To interrupt a negative pattern, tapping stimulates potent acupressure points that balance your entire system while you are consciously aware of the pattern. You can easily identify a negative feeling or attitude you are experiencing without having to name it. Simply notice what is bothering you about the situation you are in.

Please join me at my next EASY™ Tapping class.

Learn how to use the EASY™ Tapping method to turn stress into well being, self-care for staying positive and an in-depth easy to follow process to clear root causes underlying any issue.

Change Made Easy, Saturday, May 21, 2016, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, at Backway’s Physical Therapy, 250 s. McCormick St. near downtown Prescott. Tuition: $55 by May 6, $75 after May 6. To RSVP and register call 928-925-3426.

Future Classes: Susan has developed and teaches classes in How to Muscle Check Accurately; How to Optimize your Supplement and Lifestyle Choices; and the Energetic Resolution Technique™-ERT™ Search Tree System for Identifying and Clearing Root Causes with EASY™ Tapping.

Instructor: Susan Kansky-Lumb, BA, LMT, ABT (NCCAOM), CI (AOBTA & Energy Arts), RRCP, NESCP has been practicing since 1984 Asian Bodywork, Qigong bodywork, osteopathic based structural balancing, NES® Health Total WellNES System for balancing the human body-field, Resonance Repatterning®, Recall Healing™ and Allergy Antidotes system. She has developed an EASY™ Tapping Method for clearing blocks, beliefs and life issues. Susan teaches Qigong in private lessons in person or via Skype. She has a practice in Prescott and she does phone and skype sessions. Optimum Wellness PMA is a Private Health Membership Association offering services, classes & products to private members.

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