Recall Healing™

Decode the language of the body and the messages hidden in symptoms. Resolve the emotional context associated with illness. Promote deep and lasting peace through awareness of your stress event conflicts. Free the unconscious stress of shocking events in your life exacerbating illness. Reduce the stress of adaptation programs passed onto us from our ancestors. Clear prenatal and birth trauma that contributes to illnesses being triggered to manifest.

Recall Healing™ identifies and clears the stress events that are the sources of emotional conflict underlying your current health condition. Three major underlying factors are explored and cleared.

(1) The Life Time Line, from now backward to the moment of birth, all the major negative events of your life.

(2) The Project Purpose, 18 months before birth + first twelve months of life.

(3) The Family Tree, clearing your links with patterns coming from the three generations above, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

The META-Healing Process™ is a great advance in approach used to effectively clear the emotional shocks that trigger illness and prevent resolution of health issues. The emotional shock is gently released from where it is trapped in the heart, specific areas of the subconscious mind located in the brain, and the area of the body where symptoms are manifesting.

NES® Health Infoceuticals are key to the gentle and effective release of trapped stuck emotions. Infoceutical drops are used during the session to facilitate access to subconscious emotional shocks and feelings so that they can be released and resolved.


Recall Healing & META-Healing Process with Susan Kansky

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