Energetic Resolution Technique™- ERT™

 What is Energetic Resolution Technique ERT™?

Energetic Resolution Technique™ – ERT™ is a rapid non-invasive energetic healing system. This comprehensive system identifies and clears underlying factors affecting well-being on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, psychic, karmic, and soul levels. The premise is that anything that affects our well-being negatively, such as issues, events, memories, emotional charge, family influences, beliefs, injuries or traumas, can be identified using muscle checking. Then a powerful energetic resolution correction is applied to rapidly resolve these underlying factors layer by layer.

What do people use ERT™ for?

What we say and consciously think is not always what we subconsciously support. Until all levels of consciousness support the thought, we will not achieve our health or goals. ERT makes it possible to clear and correct these multiple layers that keep us from manifesting our highest potential – health, success, and freedom from stress and pain.

Energetic Resolution Technique™-ERT™ makes it possible to identify and clear the multiple layers of weaknesses that keep us from manifesting our highest potential in the areas of health, relationships, prosperity, spirituality, success, fulfillment of purpose and goals, family life, and freedom from stress and pain. Life issues can be resolved at their origin by identifying and clearing the original traumas in our family lineage and key developmental events that adversely impact our life.

How was ERT™ developed?

Susan developed the ERT™ system drawing on her over 8,000 hours of training in Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurobiology, Structural Balancing, Chinese Health Exercises, Recall Healing™, Key Developmental Events, Resonance Repatterning®, Matrix Energetics®, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Healing. Susan has been teaching, developing courses and writing course manuals since 1986. She has developed an Energetic Resolution Technique™ practitioner training program and self-care course.


“My life has totally changed after one session. I feel a huge shift on all levels. My buttons are no longer pushed when I’m around a family member. I went on a date for the first time in 20 years. My digestion has improved. The constant ache in my colon is nearly gone. The pain in my right shoulder is much better. I have lost seven pounds in less that a week.” E. A.

“I am free of back pain, and light-headedness. I am able to exercise now.…I’m less confused. My head has cleared up. I have more energy. I have a more positive outlook. I was getting depressed over not being able to figure it out. I have an overall glow in my life. It’s holistic, hitting me at all levels. I’m content and hopeful. I was hopeless about getting fully healthy, despite the healing work I was doing with a naturopath and chiropractor. I feel I’ve finally arrived. I have a sense of well-being at a deep level. I knew there was something underneath and couldn’t tap it.” L. S.

 “My life was stuck…I have a life again now. I have friendships. I can get things done. Not just my health, but my whole life has changed. It feels miraculous. I am more capable, more together, and able to focus and concentrate. I got a job finally, after trying for two years. I’m getting along better with my family. I’m dating. I have energy. I can think clearly. I’m getting my wardrobe organized. It’s amazing. A breakthrough. Things I’ve prayed for and worked for years for are finally coming to pass. My naturopath got me ‘not sick’. This has given me wellness, energy, vitality, and enthusiasm in my life. I’ve never run into anything like this in my 40 year search for healing modalities.” J. G.


Susan Kansky

Certified Energetic Resolution Technique Practitioner-ERTCP

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