Gods Playing in the Clouds Medical Qi Gong

Gods Playing in the Clouds Medical Qi Gong.

A monthly series of classes taught by Susan Kansky, Senior Cert. Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Nei Gong Instructor (Energy Arts) and AOBTA Certified Instructor.

Offered by Optimum Wellness, a private health membership association.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong – promote longevity, increase vitality, build internal strength, improve alignment and mobility, release stress and burnout.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong is a powerful set of six Qi Gong movements incorporating some of the oldest and most powerful Taoist rejuvenation techniques. It is the only qigong program that Taoist Lineage Master, Liu Hung Chieh, practiced daily to enhance his personal longevity after the age of fifty. Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong amplifies and integrates all the physical, breathing and energetic nei gong components.

Energizing and Strengthening. These movements are used in China to effectively strengthen the back and can be used to prevent back problems. The movements from Gods Qi Gong are used in China to make your bones stronger, cleanse your emotional body of negative energy, open and stabilize your heart center and central energy channel, release spiritual blockages and energize the brain. Minimize the stress on your body while moving, sitting or working, and improve performance. Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong’s gentle movements are appropriate for any age and fitness level.

For video clips & background on Susan’s teacher Master Bruce Frantzis and the Qi Gong system Susan teaches see www.energyarts.com.

No Prerequisites.

Dates: Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 17,  Apr 21, May 19, Jun 16, 2012, Sat., 9:30 am–12:30

Location: NEW LOCATION for May and June classes at Optimum Wellness Prescott office on Copper Basin Rd. Call for details and RSVP at 928-925-3426. Backway’s Physical Therapy in Prescott, 250 S. McCormick St., ½ block S. of Goodwin. Drive around to back side of building. Park and enter building at second floor level.

Tuition: $45 per three-hour session at the door. $120 for three sessions if paid at the first class. VISA, MasterCard, Discover credit or debit cards accepted.

Register: Call before you attend. Come 10 minutes early to register at the door.

Information: Call Susan Kansky at 928-925-3426.

Instructor: Susan Kansky has studied Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Asian healing arts, physiology and neurobiology since 1978. Her current teacher, Master B. K. Frantzis, a formal Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan lineage master, is the only Westerner recognized by Beijing, China as a master of the internal arts. Susan has been teaching Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Tai Chi health exercises and Asian Bodywork Therapies since 1986 and is a Senior Instructor certified by Master Frantzis to teach Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Nei Gong. Her sensitivity to the needs of the students enables her to tailor the class to every student. Both basic and intermediate students can be effectively taught simultaneously.