Energetic Resolution Technique Level 1 Course

Energetic Resolution Technique™-ERT™ Level 1 Course Information

This energetic healing system produces extraordinary results rapidly. You have the potential to eliminate your own and others pains & issues with this method. Learn energy corrections for pain elimination, structural balancing, chemical sensitivity, detoxification, emotional clearing, energy work, trauma, inherited patterns, pH balancing, inflammation, supplement testing, absorption of supplements and nutrients, and much more. ERT™  pinpoints and energetically corrects issues of pain, health, fitness, aging, prosperity, relationships, life-purpose, career, and other issues by clearing the underlying factors in the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, psychic, karmic, and spiritual realms. Learn the ease of resolving your weaknesses to eliminate root causes underlying any issue.Tuition is discounted when repeating the course. Learn for self-help or become certified. Includes ERT™ Flowchart Book I.

ERT™ Clinical Practicum included. Get your questions answered and refine your technique. Receive group ERT™ sessions to clear issues that come up around practicing ERT™. Practice giving a session to a fellow student and receive a session in class. Receive individual feedback and coaching to improve your skills and technique from the instructor followed by group discussion. This invaluable coaching will speed your learning, and increase your confidence.

For Certification:Attend Foundation Course, Level 1, and Level 2 Courses, and document 25 sessions and five testimonials.

Prerequisites: Foundation class.

Dates: February 2013 class is cancelled. TBA in 2013,  Sat & Sun, 9:30am – 5:30pm. 13 hours.

Location: Optimum Wellness office in Prescott, Arizona.Call Susan for location at 928-925-3426.

Tuition: First-time students: $250 (includes Flowchart Book I) two weeks prior , $350 after . Repeat students: $100 (includes Flowchart Book I) two weeks prior, $150 after.

Register: Send check, or MO payable to Optimum Wellness, 303 E. Gurley St. #469, Prescott, Arizona 86301. VISA, MasterCard, Discover debit or credit cards accepted by phone.

Information: CallSusan Kansky at 928-925-3426.

Instructor: Susan Kansky, ERTCP, Dipl. ABT NCCAOM, LMT developed ERT™ after 30 years of studying and practicing Energy Medicine, emotional clearing methods, Asian healing arts, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, physiology and neurobiology. She integrates information from over 8,000 hours of training in various healing arts into a user friendly, effective healing system that anyone can learn and use, and benefit from.